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Our company Castellano Legnami s.r.l. has been involved in buying and selling wood and wooden products since 1988, both in Italy and abroad.

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about us

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During the years, we have settled preferential connections with several suppliers of raw material in different parts in the world. These connections have been strengthen through accuracy and professionalism all over the world (besides Europe, we can be proud of our contacts in the Middle East and Far East)

About us

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During the last few years, considering the offer in the market not satisfying, we committed ourselves to directly managing the production of some products with the purpose of satisfying our customers' needs in the best way possible. Given that we have the possibility and capacity to buy trunks from the best forests in eastern Europe, we have started the production of boards, edged elements, lamellas and veneers by tested sawmills:

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Our produts

In this way, by following the processing from buying trunks to finished product, we are sure that we can offer high-quality products and, very important, as much fitting our customers' needs as possible.


Sawn timber

Thanks to our long-lasting experience in the wood sector and to our privileged access to forest resources, we can offer slavonian durmast sawn timbers for all needs, harvested from the best forests in former Jugoslavia (Croatia in particular).



We have the opportunity to supply a wide range of veneers in several sizes and quality grades. We are always ready to show you and test the goods before collecting them, with the utmost transparency.



Besides the standard production from “new” wood, we can supply old durmast lamellas, obtained from wooden beams used in old constructions. These old beams are wisely processed to recover this old lumber, to which time and use conferred a particular harmony and value.


Edged glued panels

Our poplar and paulownia panels come from the Middle East and we can offer them thanks to an exclusive supplier of proved experience and professionalism, with whom we have been working for more than ten years. The quality of these poplar and paulownia panels is nowadays well known and appreciated by the market.


Glued laminated timber

Our company is also involved into the commercialization of some semifinished products, including larch window scantlings. We can offer first quality larch window scantlings, with a very good price/quality ratio, from a very serious supplier tested over the years.


Edged Elements

Thanks to our lost-lasting experience in the wood sector and to our privileged to forest resources, besides sawn timber, we can offer square edges elements of slavonian durmast (and other woods), which are quite demanded by furniture, panel and wood-flooring industry.

Our customers are important

Of course we are continuing to offer our historical products, for which we have been known for years, such as veneers and edged glued panels for forniture industry and do-it-yourself.

All this without losing of sight our mail goal, which is customer satisfaction and, in order to do this, we always offer our experience, knowledge and flexibility to meet our customers' needs.

We work with fully transparency, so that you are always welcome to check and test goods during the different processing stages in our sawmills and testing in our warehouses.

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